If you have an organization, contact us and we'll set you up with a FRee PocketBillboard™ for your use.

Need more than one, let us know.

We'll handle it all, you just email us when you need a change. Your message will be there when you need it to be seen, and we'll even create your unique Qnow™ code with your Logo if you have one.

It's FREE to you, no gimmicks, no Gotcha's.

Non-Profit Organizations, Golf Courses, Schools, Churches, Cities,
HOA's, Apartment Complexes, and a few others qualify.

It gives you a Tremendous Advantage in communicating to your folks.
Your updates and announcements are delivered in Real Time.
It makes their SmartPhones a LOT SMARTER.

Watch this movie. We have a system for businesses that is simply off the charts.
If you want, we can show you a Sure Fire Fundraising system that will run on AutoPilot and just sit there, churning our revenue for your needs.
That is also Free to you.

What's in it for Us?

We need exposure

TouchlessConnect™ is becoming the Premier Way Local Business owners engage with their Local Customers on a regular basis.

Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. We need folks using the system.

What better way than to give it to you for Free?

You will use it because it has Real Value.

You get a great tool, we get exposure and users get a Fantastic Tool that will make their lives better and Save Money.

It's a Win/Win/Win.

Pocket Billboard

POCKET BILLBOARD:  Think of it as a Pocket Billboard that is always with them, broadcasting your messages when and where you need them to be seen.

It runs on Auto-Pilot. When folks see your link they just point their phone in camera mode and click to receive the message you want. You tell us what you want going out 

The uses and benefits of this system are only limited by your imagination.
~ Advise everyone arriving at the venue what to do next. 
~ A meeting has been cancelled.
~ A Major Schedule change.
~ This machine is broken and does not give change. See the Office.
~ Here is the schedule for this Meeting Room. Contact the office to Reserve.
~ A Last Minute Location Change and folks are on the way or already here.
~ The South entrance is Closed, use the North Entrance today.
~ New Pool Hours.
~ Reminder that Rent is Due a day early this month.

Why are we giving you this for FREE?

We need to show Businesses our system that will Grow their Bottom Line and what better way than letting folks Use it?
Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us. It's much better to get it out there and let the public see for themselves.

We GIVE you a system that will let you engage your folks, when and where you need.
For larger organizations that have greater needs, we will even give you multiple systems if you need.

Beginning in the West then throughout North America and the Western Hemisphere.


Dr. Rick Mayer, Founder and C.E.O.

o 800-913-5566