What if you could keep Everyone in the Loop, all the time?

No downloads, no apps,
it's already on their phone.

Have the information you want delivered to them, when they need it, with a 100% delivery rate.

You decide What they see and Where.

No more paper or printing costs. Everyone has the information automatically right on their SmartPhone.

It's the Latest Technology.

What you Need, When you need it.

We make the Real world Clickable.

They just point their camera phone and click.

We have a few videos to show you what it can mean,
starting with this Introduction for your Members.

How did we do it?

It's the Evolution of QR codes.

Total Control

You merely get the code to them any way you want.
They just click and it gives them the option to view as well as place on their home screen so they now just tap to check the latest information. No apps to download, it's automatic.

  • Put the code in a mailer, an email, or even on your front door.
  • They don't even need to get out of their vehicle. They just point their phone in camera mode, zoom in, click and they have your gateway to your message system.
  • School? Have one for Parents and another for Students.
  • Golf Course? What if you could have one at the driving range to your 'Pro Video of the Day' with your lesson?
    Or what about to hole sponsors on each tee marker? We can even set up a marketing system so you can sell those links and we don't take anything, you get 100% of the money.
  • Apartment Complex: Remember, rent is due this Friday.

The uses are only limited by your imagination. 

ScanOfTheDay™, one of the way our Businesses use it.

We recommend the Do-it-Yourself option but if you wnat us to do it all just tell us what you need.

  • We create your Qnow™ codes and links, even the graphics or a poster if you need.
  • The link will be active as soon as you get us your informaiton and your Qnow™ code never changes. Folks don't have to reload, the next time they check the message will just change in real time to the new information because it's the Google AMP Technology.
  • We have an entire website that walks you through all the steps you need on the Do-it-Yourself option. You get your own log-in and you have total control over what your folks see, and you have One Button click to publish.
  • At a football game? Have a link at the entrance with a message, "We will announce when this special deal is active."
    Now the announcer can tell everyone to check their link in the third quarter that it's buy one, get one at the snack bar. You no longer have to worry about that food going bad, you sell it.
    Or what about puting it up on the JumboTron? Folks point and zoom in, and they have it.
  • Having a Fundraiser? Let us design a system where you just get the links out.
  • And on the subject of fundraisers, you might want to check out TheBestFundraising.com

Here is a movie we show to business clients highlighting the Power of our System.

This is the same system we use for you.

Give your folks and Easy and Automatic way to receive your notifications and announcements.

Never miss another important announcement.

Your messages and updates are on the one thing they always have with them, and always on...Their Smart Phone.

No annoying Text's or Emails. We give them the control.

have their
Phones with them.

You Decide What and Where

Keep them Informed or Alerted

Your system is active and always functioning. Move it to where it's needed as it's always live. 
Works on the Wireless AND Cellular networks, unlike other systems that need a strong internet connection.
No hardware, no apps to download, no hassle.

Why do folks Like it?

They have the Control

TouchlessConnect™ is becoming the Premier Way Local Business owners engage with their Local Customers on a regular basis.

Traditional Advertising simply no longer works. There is just Too Much of it and it never seems to stop.

Folks HATE those pop-ups. They  will always block them.

You either give them the control or they rebel.

In fact, the new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) now on all new phones gives them even more control.

They want to see what THEY want, when and where...not you.

It's a Win/Win/Win for everyone.

Pocket Billboard

POCKET BILLBOARD:  Think of it as a Pocket Billboard that is always with them, broadcasting your messages when and where you need them to be seen.

It runs on Auto-Pilot. When folks see your link they just point their phone in camera mode and click to receive the message you want. You tell us what you want going out 

The uses and benefits of this system are only limited by your imagination.
~ Advise everyone arriving at the venue what to do next. 
~ A meeting has been cancelled.
~ A Major Schedule change.
~ This machine is broken and does not give change. See the Office.
~ Here is the schedule for this Meeting Room. Contact the office to Reserve.
~ A Last Minute Location Change and folks are on the way or already here.
~ The South entrance is Closed, use the North Entrance today.
~ New Pool Hours.
~ Reminder that Rent is Due a day early this month.

No Apps

Other technologies exist in the market but they require your folks to download an app. We have a whole section on this. Even Google says Apps are dying.
Our system works and the best part, it's FAST. That is the critical part, folks will not wait much over a second.

Beginning in the West then throughout North America and the Western Hemisphere.


Dr. Rick Mayer, Founder and C.E.O.

o 435-562-5888